torsdag 9 juni 2011

Fashion for less

One Swedish brand that I have admired for quite a while is Cheap Monday. While their philosophy of high fashion for low prices is not new, they still manage to niche themselves and be perceived as more high fashion than their prices suggest. Originally they became famous because of their super-skinny jeans (I have a pair of incredible grey jeans from them that have been worn to death) and every season they have really cool jeans for a really good price on offer. Another characteristic of the brand is their logo, which looks like a skull. Apart from the jeans they now also have sunglasses as well as women's and men's wear. The style is typically quite relaxed and, in my opinion, very cool. Below are some really cool styles from their various spring 2011 collections that I wouldn't mind wearing myself.

Darlene Dress Black - 0 Bonnie Skirt Black - 0 Kendra Dress Mustard - 0Drape Shorts Black - 0 Narrow Bex Dark - 0 Narrow Poly Blue Black - 0Tight Very Grey Denim - 0 Bat Dress Marble White - 0 Moon Necklace Rhodium - 0
Pictures from Cheap Monday's website

How cool is the necklace?

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