tisdag 7 juni 2011

When everything's just black and white

As I mentioned earlier, I'm a big fan of shoes. I just came across these beauties at modekungen.se, a Swedish online retailer that carries a lot of interesting garments and fierce shoes. The only disadvantage are the limited sizes, usually it's one size for the clothes and apparently size 36-39 for the shoes. Which is sad when you have 40...

Anyway. The shoes:

If you're lucky and have between size 36-39, the shoes can be bought here.
Picture from modekungen.se

They remind of me Chanel's two-tone tights (which can never be a bad thing) from 2008:
See VOGUE.COM's favourite things

Those shoes would work really well with a black and white outfit (and I happen to be very fond of those). I'd throw in a casual suit jacket, some cool dress and black tights (which aren't see- through, so about 80 den)

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  1. Intersting post, thanks!

    I love these shoes from the first picture, moreocer - I want them..right now, hahah